Air Ambulance

As Drabos Travel, we produce 24/7 solutions for you in cooperation with global air ambulance teams, which are the leading air ambulance services in the sector, meet all the legal requirements and have been recognized by the medical authorities.

In air ambulance services; A doctor and at least one assistant health personnel are on board the aircraft. Healthcare professionals first evaluate your patient's medical picture. All necessary medical conditions of your patient, who can be transferred by airplane ambulance, are prepared and transferred.

One of the most important details about aircraft ambulance is its fast organization ability. Together with the aircraft medical personnel, all officials involved in providing the necessary organization in ground handling services should be experts in their fields. With our competent personnel who have 10 years of experience in this field, we are always bringing you a solution. Our teams, which can serve worldwide in air ambulance services, have transferred hundreds of patients. Our team successfully completed the transfer of patients on intercontinental flights can now be based on the situation every moment of action with the whole experience of Turkey.

Travel Drabos the solution to all transfer requests as a family motto of our company negotiated land ambulance with air ambulance service in addition to your land ambulance services in general in Turkey in our solutions, we're here 7/24.